About CUE

Founded in 2016, CUE is an innovative smart home door handle. Its purpose is to solve privacy challenges related to bathroom etiquette and bring light to social stigmas connected to using the washroom.

CUE’s founder is Cory Mahoney, who was inspired to make this privacy handle after his mother was diagnosed with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. This disease made his mother feel uncomfortable when using residential or public washrooms, and Cory wanted to alleviate that stress. And here you have it! A door handle that increases privacy while eliminating embarrassment.

CUE in the Community

Cory knew that this product could help more people than just his mom. CUE was created with the objective of helping others and Cory wanted to maintain that mandate through every part of this journey.

As a result, CUE is now an official donor of Chive Charities , and will proudly donate 10% of its profits, in combination with an additional 5% to other charitable organizations.

With remarkable partners like Chive Charities, CUE is sure to make a difference.