Handle Design


The aesthetic of a modern home is based on clean lines, simplicity and functionality. The sleek design of CUE fits flawlessly. CUE’s sleek finish will blend in with your minimalist style.


Elegance and comfort come together in your traditional home. CUE’s different color finishes will create a cohesive look in any traditional bathroom.

Art Deco

The roaring 20’s, great music and bold geometric designs. Why wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by all this glamour? CUE’s colors and metallic sheen will complete your deco bathroom.


Why hide your building materials? Pipes and ducts make a bolder statement than most walls. Function and style go hand in hand when designing your industrial home. CUE’s rugged style will add to the utilitarian look of your space.


You don’t have to travel to Europe to feel like you live there. Warm functionality and minimal decorations play with your homes lighting. Install CUE in your bathroom for the perfect hardware accent.