Our Interior Door Handles

How It Works

Step 1:

Push the lock button

Step 2:

Use the washroom

Step 3:

Push the timer button

Cool, but how is CUE different than a normal door handle?

 While you’re following the three simple steps above, CUE helps you get all the privacy you need and eliminates embarrassment.

Once you push the lock on the inside of the handle, CUE illuminates the lock icon, indicating to others that the washroom is occupied. It also illuminates on the inside of the handle, allowing you to use the washroom with confidence.

After you’ve pushed the hourglass button and exited the washroom, the timer icon will illuminate in a RED, YELLOW and GREEN 5-minute sequence, indicating when the washroom is ready to enter.

  1. Red = Stop
  2. Yellow = Caution
  3. Green = Good to go

Check out CUE in Action